Jan 23, 2017
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Daily Reasons for a Glass Of Wine

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A Glass Of Wine. Its not like we need more reasons to drink wine. But here are some good reasons to have a glass of wine or more every single day of the week.

Daily Reasons For a Glass Of Wine

Daily Reasons For a Glass Of Wine

Daily Reasons for a Glass Of Wine

Here are some daily reasons to enjoy your wine: 🙂

MONDAY: It was Monday and I was a lot nicer to everyone at work

TUESDAY: The Bottle of Wine looked lonely, so I kept her company

WEDNESDAY: Wine Wednesday / Hump Day… Der!  My Half way thru the week helper

THURSDAY: The bottle of wine needed Mouth to Mouth so I decided to take matters into my own hand.

FRIDAY: Ah, it’s Friday, Need We say anymore?

SATURDAY: Drinking wine will make me feel better, well, probably!

SUNDAY: Sunday funday and mental prep for the new week!

What are your reasons for a glass of wine today?

Don’t be shy and let us know in the comments below. Why do you need to have a glass of wine everyday?  I’m sure you can think of a few.

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