Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure

Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure

Morning Coffee Adventure  means to me what we (coffee and I) can accomplish today.  I’m a semi-morning person, I’m awake early, but I’m not fully awake until I have had my morning coffee.

This is my everyday morning coffee adventure
Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure

I also love coffee because I appreciate its warmth and bold flavor. Because I love it so much and I look forward to my morning coffee each day.  I discovered that great coffee makes good experiences better. Below is how this morning coffee adventure started.

Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure

Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure
Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure

My Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure started with drinking instant coffee. Instant coffee was my first choice because it is quick and easy to fix. I simply filled a cup with water and stuck the cup in the microwave for about 88 seconds. Then, when the water was hot, I pulled the cup out of the microwave, stirred in a spoonful of instant coffee, and took a sip.

I discovered that this version of coffee is good, but it is not nearly as tasty as the brewed coffee that I have come to know and love. I wanted something closer to that, so I got online and researched how to make coffee without a coffeemaker.

After a short time, I came across an article in which the writer explained how to make coffee on the stove. I followed her directions, and I was surprised by how good it tasted. I was happy and relieved to have found a way to enjoy good coffee.

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Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure Funny Video

Moving onto better things.

Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure
Every Day Morning Coffee Adventure

As good as the above option was…  I did not always have time for it so I went and got me my very first Mr. Coffee machine.  The coffee is excellent in it and I can take care of a few things while coffee is brewing.

Each morning I get up fire it up, do some early morning chores while I wait for my coffee to be ready.  Then I just sit back, put my feet up and plan for the day.

I look forward to using my new coffee maker, and I am eager to have some good coffee and to celebrate experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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