He Shadowed My Coffee Flavor a Poem

He Shadowed My Coffee Flavor a Poem

He Shadowed My Coffee Flavor a Poem – A Family, mystery, Love, Spiritual coffee poem. Please let us know how you like this poem on the comments below.

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He Shadowed My Coffee Flavor a Poem

Lamppost of crystal’s shadow light It’s me against my half cream

It’s me against my half cream his
shadow-fight I need more cream delight.
Looking out my window I see the field, I am sitting with
my napkin fold.Looking at my ring it is invisible, in the
crack’s I can see a shadow face.Please get him out of
my South Hampton house, he’s so out of my flavored coffee. I never want
to see his shadow face. Shopping fighting the crowd’s Dunkin donuts
City.Miss Mocha polka dots
Harry Winston coffee amber diamond she looking really coffee steamed hot
Jarod was fighting, with my jewel’s.On the titanic vessel.

On the titanic vessel exploring coffee at any cost.

Is she picking up historical love fossil?

He gave her a necklace from the shadow exquisitely detailed
tasseled.My lover tilt’s me forward.I go toward the light Shadow fight Hansel
for the love of my coffee, Gretel. Someone is following me, in my shadow.
I was holding, two croissant’s, looking, I see his
in the meadow. Me & my shadow cafe black-catsuit,
he’s jumping over my latte lucky me shadow kiss, going through
my Carbanet shelf’s  made me so angry. I didn’t exactly feel
like the Dutchess of East Windsor I could have eaten feast
so hungry.
All I will be is this shadow to him my eyeshadow was warm sable
I’m dreaming of a
White Christmas, and my love for coffee
my ornament’s his shadow lip’s looking behind me every
second, Mr. Maxwell far looks meeting the Starbucks.
I am the singer Me my shadow made a hit record.I see shadow
Robin bird frantic.Sometimes life is good Robin hood
the Christmas tree Jack the stirrer shining, Pretty
painted pale violet’s from the window Hershey kisses
Seem’s ingenious,  the Full house of free coffee.
I’m  listening.His shadow follow’s me,
like I am pacing toward the Gotham city, the train track.
Crystal’s in my coffee all jeweled up my favorite initial R.
blowing so transparent batman flying so defiant.
Fairies with lucidity his shadow what a coffee creme.
Right at the same time how I wished, two cups perfect lips to sip
pecan pie. Please don’t  shadow me in my coffee.
You’re the invisible men, but you have the mighty God of senses.
Looking out my window, someone touched my back

the best house coffee International she’s the Vixen with the vision,
not exactly love infusion.I felt like I was having a blood
transfusion.Addiction with so many coffee flavors and  full body flavor reactions
Sun-catcher caught my eye’s dreamy mad-hatter she brought out all the exotic flavors Carmella bean latte creamy pumpkin spice the flavor was intense she paid the price. Please, no tea party this is about coffee how she baked her heavenly toffee.

Shadow proof, what about the book

So sheer but shadow proof, what about the coffee talk book
Vividly, warm-glow at window’s, Amaretto smelled up my the tree,

His shadow. took me to my oasis coffee spree what a press
Ancestor’s sign’s coffee bean one chosen fight your family

from the distance. They were sipping another taste it seemed so right.But Bette Midler sing’s, knock’s out all the,

But Bette Midler sing’s, knock’s out all the bitter coffee shadows there were bold and cream of the crop. How she loved to pour the snow-white trees were falling

How she loved to pour the snow-white trees were falling
started calling out to me, hearing music, my window call’s me
Flicker’s at me,it touched a part of me, how it trembled me,
familiar beat.
I stumbled to my feet looking out my window.
Immortal sunlight powerful never left my sight.

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