Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms. Wine glass charms are not only a practical accessory for guests to identify their wine glasses, they also add ambience to the decor of any gathering.

Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms. Charms are also an affordable way to personalize wine glasses to suit any theme of any party. For a party you may host in the summer, you might consider providing beach themed custom charms. These might include flip flops, flamingos, or palm trees, as examples.

For an autumn, themed party, charms might include fall leaves, harvest moons or acorns. A winter party might be inspired by Christmas or themes such as snowflakes, pine trees, snowmen and more, and for spring, flowers or an umbrella might be cute options. Options for your collection of unique wine charms are limitless in style, theme and colors.

Simple DIY Wine Charms
Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms. Some people have not really explored the idea of using wine charms at parties but the idea makes complete sense. When you are hosting a gathering for family and friends, your guests will likely set down their glass when mingling and socializing with other guests.

When they go back for their glass, chances are their glass won’t be the only one sitting there. This becomes a question as to whose glass is whose. By having your guests use charms, it eliminates the confusion by allowing your guest to identify their glass on site.

Not only does using charms allow your guests to easily identify their drink, it also helps eliminate waste by discouraging guests to go after a new glass of wine by reducing uncertainty.

Simple DIY Wine Charms
Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms

Simple DIY Wine Charms. Providing your guests with wine charms also makes great party favors for your guests, and will give them a token to remind them of a gathering to remember. There are several creative ways you can provide your guests with charms.

One unique way is to have your guest create their own charm to adorn their wine glass with. They could create a monograms charm or birthstones and first initial. However they decide to personalize their charm, they can take it home at the end of the evening and remember the evening whenever they use their very own charm.

Then they can carry it with them to any social event and use it to identify their drink anywhere. Probably not many, if any, attendees will have their glass tagged with a charm, but your charm will signal to them that it is not their glass. Bringing your own personal charm to any social gathering can also make for a great conversation piece and start a topic with new people you meet.

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