Sips Those Mystical Coffee Trips a Poem

Sips Those Mystical Coffee Trips Poem – A Romantic, Funny Coffee Lovers Poem for every coffee lovers to enjoy.

Sips Those Mystical Coffee Trips

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 Sips Those Mystical Coffee Trips Poem

Roar Bean Got Chosen. So surprising Me?
Sipping on taste miraculous power rising.
Bold, my unique blend, of Coffee to hold.
The roar came out in my shower. No denying.
Thought’s love poem’s an hour?

Home-body Coffee–steamy he raided my book,
How it poured dreamily.Take another look
Hot lava shower’s “CoffeeNwine” by the hours
Opening up an invitation, Coffee Masquerade
flower’s her catsuit of powers
red poppy. Coffee cheesecake nine lives.
Chosen One Bean Godly-scent smell alive
Cat nine rumor years. over coffee live’s
Million in one tear’s escaping lights and camera

Sips Those Mystical Coffee Trips a Poem
Sips Those Mystical Coffee Trips a Poem

Cafe dating CoffeeNwine mating.
Small world Cafe Princeton NJ.
laptop taking a sip
kaleidoscope Blueberry,Godiva-raspberry
lip’s take a trip not over my lip’s
love of my life, cappuccino  he steams out
Here’s his handle I’m his coffee scout.
Spilling 2 many beans not giving up
Don’t give up
The smell of his aura cup.
In his eye’s only 4 coffee?What about me?
Seeing him kiss my mouth
Exotic  blend’s smooth-organic both
Her chosen bean blueberry, creamy content
His  sugar Arabian flight I’msilky blend, Chandeliers

Taking another Cafe trip the height of his chandelierss cozy computer coffee met my wine see you later
God light coffee crystals, flying like musketeer’s
moon & stars anything about cafe will get her
Mystical Coffee well suited BMW car’s
Wedding Bellringer
magical were laughing he  point’s his finger.
We are destined 4 one another star is born
Judy my Mom singer.

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