Top 13 Wine Tumblr Quotes – Wine Image Quotes to Share

Wine Tumblr Quotes – I have been posting lately on tumblr and I made a bunch of wine image quotes and I was about to post them.  Well I haven’t posted here for a minute so I figure I would make a post about them here.

Top 13 Wine Tumblr Quotes

Top 13 Wine Tumblr Quotes

Top 13 Wine Tumblr Quotes

Wine Tumblr Quotes Video

I even took the time to make a simple video.  I’m not a Video Master 🙂  I just add the graphics into the software and it ties it all together. I hope you like it.  Please let me know in the comments below.

Wine Tumblr Quotes Image Gallery

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Wine Tumblr Quotes Images

Check out our wine quotes and share yours in the comments below.

“As I sit in my garden I hear… my wine calling me”
“Flower in the bottle. Do not toss the bottle. Re-use it and save the memories”
“Drinking wine is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all”
“First We Do The Wine, Then Everything Else… Maybe!”
“Happy Hours Together. Just Me And My Wine”
“I just need the good things in life. Friends, Love and Wine”
“Life cannot be without wine”
“Life is too short to drink just a little wine”
“Love My Wine”
“There is always time for a glass of wine”
“Today is a multiple wine glasses kind of day”
“Wine I Think I Have Found My True Love”

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post ” Top 13 Wine Tumblr Quotes ” please don’t forget to share it and post your own wine quotes.

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