New Coffee Shop Charges Customers by the Minute
New Coffee Shop Charges Customers by the Minute

Coffee Shop Charges by the Minute

Coffee Shop Charges by the Minute. New coffee shop has began to charge its customers by the amount of time they spend at the coffee shop and not by the amount of coffee they actually have.

New Coffee Shop Charges Customers by the Minute
Coffee Shop Charges Customers by the Minute

Coffee Shop with a Unique way of business.

The new shop in Brooklyn, N.Y. has come up with a unique way to do business.  The charge the customers by the minute instead of by the amount of coffee they have.

The coffee shop, named Glass Hour, is located in Williamsburg and it opened for business on August 26th.  Coffee shop customers are welcome to all the coffee they can have, unlimited granola bars, candy and tea.  They are also allowed to play any or all the shop video games, board games and foosball machine. Not to mention free Wi-fi.  Just one catch, customers are charge for every minute they spend at the coffee shop.

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The customers of Glass Hour check in at the door when they arrive and check out and take care of the bill before leaving.  The cost for the first hour is only $6 regardless of if you stay one minute or 55.  This setup helps to deter grab-and-go customers.  A cup of coffee may be cheaper elsewhere, but the extras sure make the $6 cost not seem so bad.

The shop realized early on that letting people buy one cup of coffee while paying for electricity for hours was not the best way to make money.  So they introduced the pay-to-play business model.

Coffee and Wi-fi priced just right

Instead of billing customers for individual coffees, Williamsburg’s Glasshour, which is marketed as an “anti-café,” charges a fixed rate of $6 dollars for the first hour you’re there, plus 10 cents for every minute after until a customer hits four hours.
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At that point, the customers won’t be charged any more than $24. That’s more than the price of two lattés, of course, but customers can spend their time drinking as much coffee as they like, eating all the granola bars they can handle, and — perhaps most important — using Wi-Fi without any additional charges.

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