Nothing Makes Sense Before Coffee Image
Nothing Makes Sense Before Coffee Image

Nothing makes sense before coffee – I do not know what you think, but for me, and for many people I know, nothing makes sense on a new day if we do not start with a good cup of coffee. And I can believe, that if you got to this post, the same thing happens with you, does not it? One day will not be a good day if we do not start with a good cup of coffee.

Nothing Makes Sense Before Coffee

When you wake up and smell the delicious aroma of coffee that comes from the kitchen, you realize that this day is starting just right.

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Nothing Makes Sense Before Coffee

Everything starts with that aroma, with those feelings that only that fragrance can cause in us, it is a first step that pushes us to get out of bed and makes us follow it until we reach its place of origin.

No matter how you make your coffee, each person has their method or special machine with they make their coffee. And not only that, we are also so fanatical about this drink, that even we buy special cups with our favorite reasons to make our coffee even better.

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If you are a cat lover, would not you love to drink your coffee in a cup with cute kittens? Or if you are a dog lover, you would like your mug to have the image of a dog, even yours if possible! Or if you love video games, as in my case, you would have a cup like me from your favorite video game. And why stay alone with a cup? We can even have a whole collection of drinking cups for our day-starter drink.

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