Would you live here with plenty of coffee?

Would you live here with plenty of coffee?

Plenty of coffee. Would you live in a lonely cabin in alaska without plenty of coffee. This is a something I would like to do someday.

Would you live here with plenty of coffee

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But I know for a fact, well I’m pretty certain… that there will not be any Wi-fi, cell service and a computer would be practically useless.

It will be very very cold at times. Well MOST of the time. I will not see the sun for months on end.  And  I probably will not be able to sleep on the sunny months… Not like Sunny California, but sunny with a -20 wind-chill.  Will have to cut my own firewood.  Will definitely not get many visitors. Heck all 3 of my girls gave me a different reason as to why they would not visit.  One said it was too far and too cold.  My co-girl (step-daughter) she would visit, gladly.

On the other hand… beers will always be ice cold.  Milk will not go bad and will save lots of money on cooling costs. Visitors will be rare and far and few in between ( that’s may be a plus and a minus ). Of course there should be plenty of coffee in case they show up.  Though I have to wonder if I will be lonely or if I would enjoy the peace.

I have a few years to wonder all the pros and cons about this.  I can’t go anywhere for the next 8.5 years.  ( My youngest will be 18 ). Until then it is just something I would like to do.

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Plenty of coffee or nothing

So anyways enough rambling.  Someday I will find out for sure.  But regardless, when I DO GO unless there is PLENTY OF COFFEE, I’m not going.  And I’m not talking a couple of cans either. Because with ” Enough Coffee Anything is Possible

If you have enjoyed reading my ramblings and would like to add your comments please let me know in the comments below. Would you live here with plenty of coffee?

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